Forty years of experience, continuous R&D and investment in the best human resources are the “ingredients” of our mission: to make your raw material management smarter, safer and simpler.

Our three goals:

  • Building modular, automated products that operate reliably and are simple to use and maintain.
  • Generating value for our customers by quickly responding to their requests for ever more modern systems.
  • Maintaining our position as a global player in the handling of raw materials, buuilt on a culture of quality, safety and responsibility.

Our core values:

Putting the customer first.

Established forty years ago by G. Gentili, Technosilos exists thanks to our customers - and will only continue to do so to the extent that we remain able to understand and satisfy their requirements and expectations.

understanding the power of innovation

The only true way to maintain a competitive advantage is to invest significantly in R&D to obtain and maintain unequalled levels of excellence.

Valuing our people.

Technosilos is a company built on its people. Their professional skills and far-reaching expertise sets us apart and drives our success. Everyone works hard to make Technosilos a place of which they are proud.


Working with integrity.

Loyalty, transparency, honesty and propriety represent the fundamental values that underpin all our relationships – and are reflected in the durability of the partnerships we forge with our customers.