Loading and unloading of raw materials

Automatic and semi-automatic systems for the handling of raw materials in all their forms: bulk, bags, big bags, palletized containers, and bins.

Big Bag emptying station


  • Simple and safe use by a single operator
  • Dust-tight docking and uknotting system that prevents dust and contamination
  • Total emptying of the big bagd with a constant flow

Bags emptying


  • Hygienic: Circular construction without product retention angles
  • Clean: integrated or centralized dedusting
  • Safe: capable of sieving materials
  • Versatile: capable of loading different materials

Tanker truck unloading


  • No clogging and overpressure
  • Unloads any tanker truck

IBC emptying


  • Use of ingredients or premixes directly from IBC to the recipe without intermediate storage
  • Easy to handle for a single operator
  • Dust-tight connections
  • Hygienic, reusable and versatile

Liquid tanker emptying


  • Material handling with safe filtration.
  • Sanitary components and flexibility of use.
  • Circuit sizing according to layout and distances.
  • Able to heat or cool the circuit.