Tanker truck unloading


  • No clogging and overpressure.
  • Unloading any tanker truck.


The emptying of any tanker truck not equipped with a compressor.

The system consists of a screw compressor blower and a set of flexible pipes with fast connection. The blower connects to the truck tanker to be unloaded with the tank to be loaded. Bypass piping helps to fluidize the flux of material, with a second set ready to intervene in case of overpressure. Blowing air through the pipes only avoids clogging and dismounting.

  • Overpressure indicator and control unit.
  • Bypass for fluidification of product and emptying of pipes.
  • Skid trolley for easy placement.

Flowrates from 10t/h. to 25t/h. based on distances and permitted working pressures.