Bags emptying


  • Hygienic: Circular construction with no product retention angles.
  • Clean: integrated or centralized dedusting.
  • Safe: capable of sieving materials.
  • Versatile: capable of loading different materials.


Designed for the safe and comfortable manual emptying of bags containing powdered or granular materials. Bags are simply placed manually on the protection grid and emptied, with a dedusting filter preventing dust from escaping. The discharged product is then transferred to the receiving container - silo, dosing hopper, etc.

  • Suction hood for dusty products to be connected to a centralized system.
  • Suction hood for dusty products with integrated dust collector.
  • Compactor for empty bags.
  • Option for double loading position for increased performance.
  • Removable lid.
  • Vibrating big activators help discharge.
  • Scraper extractor.
  • Lump breaking devices.
  • Built-in sieving.
  • Standard diameters: 800mm.
  • Capacity from 100 dm3 to 1,000 dm3.
  • Construction materials: AISI 304, AISI 316

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