Technosilos systems can be programmed to the PLCs of different brands (Siemens, Allen Bradley...), as well as integrate with the rest of any production unit via computer or other device using standards such as RS232, RS422 / RS485, or TCP / IP.

Communication with other PLCs is performed via Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Wi-Fi 802.11, TCP / IP, Modbus etc.

Every Technosilos system is equipped with a module for remote assistance in real-time.

The HMI interfaces. The W200 Touch.

This control unit uses both a PLC and an operator terminal, automatically managing and measuring solid or liquid raw materials and guiding the operator in manually adding ingredients in line with any set recipe.

A simple and intuitive menu makes it easy to intervene at any time should any changes be required for a recipe stored in the system’s memory. W200 is a scalable solution capable of integrating additional silos or liquid measurements (such as natural leavening or water).

HMI/PC interfaces

The HMI/PC interfaces are developed in the form of System Open Architecture to collect and manage the data obtained from every phase of a production process.

System Open Architecture architecture also supports the use of technologies, such as barcode and RFID, to enable the accurate identification of raw materials.