Customized and modular solutions for the management and traceability of raw materials.

SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition TDT

Our SCADA TDT offers complete Batch Management for both raw materials (recipes, lot numbers) and products. Displaying a comprehensive visualization of Work In Progress, the software seamlessly integrates into existing or future information systems such as an ERP. MES functionality and extra modules can also be added if required.

CF Cross formulation

CF Cross formulation makes it possible to process complex recipes, including mixing times, tool speed and any intermediate level embedding, with mixer settings incorporated into the dosing recipe.

PLC and Fieldbus communicate through data exchange, under the supervision of the operator. Each PLC (dosing and mixing) can operate independently from the other for greater safety while mixing data such as cycle time and temperature at the end of mixing are stored in the PC database.

PM Premix Management

Pre-mixes can be managed as separate recipes or as part of the main recipe. They can be manufactured in advance while retaining complete control of the total amounts required based on production planning.

WM Warehouse Management

WM is primarily aimed at managing warehouses, processing all relevant postings as well as transactions such as goods received, goods issued and general stock transfers.

Dough temperature

A software/hardware module able to ensure water temperature remains in line with the mixing guidelines.

Traceability of ingredients

Traceability functions collect historical storage data and recipes, enabling batch control thanks to technologies such as barcodes or RFID. The software can also produce statistical reports on consumption per production period or lot, which can then flow into the umbrella management system.

HMI Configuration and ERP integration

Using standard languages such as HTML, XML, OPC and SQL means our management system is easily integrated into the pre-existing infrastructure.

The database evaluates the data collected in Microsoft Excel or transfers it to higher level systems such as ERP such as SAP or Navision etc.

MES functions and extra modules such as warehouse management can also be integrated.

MM Mobile Management

A mobile application for smartphone and tablet, MM tracks the entire production process, displaying the current status and alerting the user to any issues.