Clean In Place (CIP)


  • Manual or automatic sanitation of circuits and tanks.
  • Can be integrated with all types of circuit.
  • Reduction of washing times and costs.
  • Minimum production stops.
  • Minimum consumption of detergents and water.


Manual or automatic sanitation of circuits and tanks.

CIP comprises tanks for the different liquids used together with circulation pumps. The system cleans circuits and tanks by forcibly recirculating water and cleaning solutions from its storage tanks – avoiding any need to dismantle the system.

The process can take place in a single phase by introducing an alkaline chelating solution. This reacts with calcium and other metals to break down and eliminate residues. Other suitable and less polluting detergents may also be used.

In the double phase, a caustic solution is added first to eliminate layers of fat and protein, before an acidic solution then removes the mineral deposits.

  • 2-tank and 4-tank versions.
  • Capacity tailored to the circuit to be sanitized.