Continuous mixer


  • Continuous homogeneous mixing at high flow rates.
  • Up to six ingredients dosed on the main stream.
  • Reduced installation dimensions.


Non-stop mixing of flour plus improvers and additives. Can be installed between both storage silos and intermediate storage before packaging or feeding the tanker.

Up to six components from microdosers with an hourly flow of between 0.003% to 6% can be injected into a constant flow of the main input (flour).

The PLC controls the flow rate by correcting the dosage of the micro-ingredients in real-time. A continuous homogenizing screw with 3 dimensional mixing tools that ensures a complete, comprehensive mixing process.

  • Continuous flow with a range of flowrates 6-10t./h. 10-20t./h. 20-40t./h.
  • Microassay range from 0.003% to 6%.
  • Up to 6 ingredients dosers with weight loss or volumetric dosage.
  • Automatic ingredients reload or manual with alarm alert.