Pneumatic conveying system


  • Totally hygienic and suitable for contact with food.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Completely configurable piping routes.
  • Simple, scheduled maintenance.
  • Possibility of in-line sieving and controls.
  • No heating and dust free in vacuum version


The transport of dry raw materials in powder, granules or flakes from storage to the final destination - dosing system, cookers, mixers, feeders etc.

Pneumatic conveying is powered by the pneumatic pressure delivered by a compressor. The difference in air pressure transports ingredients, which are either extracted or blown depending on the configuration.

Main components are:

  • Metering device: controls infeed of the powder into the pneumatic circuit.
  • Pneumatic conveying circuit: with vacuum blower and the relevant diverter valves.
  • Weighing receiver or cyclone feeder.

Vacuum conveying

Ingredients are extracted from storage to final destination using rotary cells, augers or simply suction plugs. At the point of arrival, a filtering device separates the air from the product. This configuration increases levels of hygiene across the whole plant beying completely dust-free, and it dous not heat the materials in use.


Pressure conveying

Ingredients are pushed from the pickup point to the final destination. To avoid any excessive airflow, materials are fed into the circuit by a rotary valve. This configuration delivers greater potential than the vacuum version.

  • Vacuum, pressure and mixed versions.
  • Diluted phase and dense phase for long distances or fragile products.
  • Distances from a few meters to 100 m.*
  • Transport rates up to 50,000 kg. /h.*

* Consult the technical department.