Flour cooling


  • Ranges from 30°C in the silo to 14°C in the mixer.
  • Guarantees even temperature of dough throughout the year.
  • Avoids adding ice.
  • Improves mixing.
  • Low operating costs without the need for CO2.


Maintains a uniform mix temperature and avoids the need to add ice in automated operations. Cools the flour supplied by silos and regulates temperature according to programmable settings.

The flour is mixed with cold air in a hopper located between the storage silos and the flour distribution station.

The cold air is generated by a heat exchanger and circulates continuously in the bin through a high-pressure fan and fluidizing bed. The hopper is insulated and jacketed to ensure optimal cooling and avoid condensation.

The air is perfectly homogenized with the flour to ensure a consistently uniform temperature. A temperature probe controls both the flour temperature and the heat exchanger until the desired temperature is reached.

  • Capacity from 1 to 2 t./h. per unit.
  • Cooling up to 16°C from the initial temperature (Δ T 16°C).