Ploughshare mixers


  • Short mixing times (1 - 4 min).
  • Maximum blend homogeneity with percentages of fats or liquids.
  • Excellent reproducibility of batches.
  • Minimal wear for reduced maintenance.
  • Easy adjustment and replacement of mixing tools.
  • Easy cleaning and access to all internal parts.


Mixing solid materials in powder or granules - dry or with liquids or fats added.

The particular shape and rotation speed of these mixing tools create a centrifugal vortex movement which ensures that components with different particle sizes and densities are perfectly mixed and homogenized in the shortest possible time.

  • Wear resistant coating.
  • Support of agitators with sealing ring and fluxing.
  • Liquid injection system.
  • Sample collection system.
  • PT 100 temperature probes.
  • Wide range of mixing tools, ploughshare, paddle, toothed blade, also available with anti-wear coating.
  • Fully opening bottom for immediate discharge.
  • Direct pneumatic loading.
  • Sizes: from 30 to 25,000 liters.
  • Motorizations: from 2.0 kW to 300 kW.
  • Mixing capacity: from 2 to 20 batches/hour (according to recipe and machine configuration).
  • End supports complete with shaft sealing assembly in various versions, with the option of air or nitrogen fluxing.
  • Heavy duty mixing chamber in AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel.