Cold fat dosing


  • Significant reduction of premix duration and heating.
  • Controlled temperature for consistent, enhanced dough in biscuit preparation.
  • Reduced manual operations and faster cycle times.


Automatic dosing of shortening, fat, butter at 10-16 ° C in the form of pomade.

Blocks of shortening, at temperatures between 10 and 15°C, are inserted either manually or through an optional loading belt into an insulated temperature controlled tank.

The unique stirring and scraping reduce the size of the block, feeding a screw extruder and the transfer pump. The chilling unit prevents heating and helps to retain a consistent inlet temperature.

  • Tank in stainless steel up to 1,000l - double wall insulated with temperature regulation system.
  • 9kW heating cooling unit.
  • Pump, mass flow meter and insulated and refrigerated circuit with temperature control.
  • Optional loading belt.
  • Dosing capacity up to 2,000 l./h.