Continuous dosing


  • Dosage reliably managed by a frequency variator.
  • Continuously mixes more ingredients.


Volumetric dosing on continuous production lines downstream of pneumatic or mechanical conveying systems.

The product is dosed either by volumetrically or by loss-in-weight using the storage container extraction system (silos, hopper, big bag, etc.). A pneumatic or mechanical conveying line then transfers it to the feeding cyclone, such as pasta line or similar, or to a continuous mixing system for flours etc.

The system will follow the recipe set in the control electronics, picking up ingredients from their various containers in correct, preset quantites to obtain the desired mix.

The filtering system then separates and ejects the transport air, periodically cleaning the sleeves with compressed air injected against the flow of the escaping transportation air.

  • Flowrates from few kgs  up to 30,000 kg./h.
  • in-line sieving capability.