Sourdough process


  • Mixing, fermentation and storage for each individual preparer.
  • High quality finished products with pH control.
  • Continuous processing of up to 80,000kg in 24h.


The continuous production of sourdough for both individual fermentation tanks and fully automated plants with CIP, on a single cycle or 3 cycles, using wheat flour and rye with filler starter or liquid yeast.

Ingredients are automatically dosed, mixed and homogenized by an impeller and mixing element.

Every single tank allows you to mix /heat/ferment/cool the preparation for maintenance.

The mix ferments in pre-established periods from 3 to 24 hours. The fermentation process can be set either by pre-determining temperature and timing or by continuously monitoring the PH.

The mixture is then cooled for maintenance at a given temperature of 4 to 6°C.

To prepare natural yeast, the batch is homogenized with a recovery paste from the previous fermentation (mother) at 20-30%.

For continuous applications, the leavened dough is automatically circulated between tanks, allowing a complete cleaning and at the same time ensuring continuous production.

  • Capacity of tanks from 1,000 to 7,000l for single preparations.
  • Multiple tanks for continuous operation up to 80,000kg per 24 hours.
  • Tanks on load cells continuously monitor the level and dosage of ingredients.
  • Discharge through volumetric dosing or weighing.
  • Real-time pH and temperature control for total control of the fermentation process.
  • Double wall insulation and integrated cooling and heating system.
  • CIP (optional).