Pasta and bread grinder


  • Enhances productivity and effectiveness of grinding systems.
  • Fast and easy maintenance.
  • Interchangeable passage grids.
  • Low noise levels.


Fractioning and reducing the particle size of solid products such as pasta, and bread biscuits ready for fine grinding and insertion into recipes.

The product is crushed by one or more rotating hammers or blade tools. A screening grid below only allows material of the specified particle size to pass through.

  • Single-shaft and twin-shaft versions.
  • Screening grilles with holes from ΓΈ3mm. to 20mm.
  • Bring according to the product and the screening grid.
  • Low noise levels: <70dBA according to IEC 651/804 gr 1 UNI 7712 with class 1 sound level meter.
  • Complies with Atex Directive 94/9/EC.