Fiberglass silos


  • Cost effective storage of raw materials.
  • Reinforced fibreglass shell with high insulating power for extended storage periods.
  • Waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents.
  • Suitable for food storage.


External storage of bulk raw materials in powder or granule form. Prepared for pneumatic loading by tank truck or other dedicated loading system.

  • Loading by pneumatic system from tanker trucks, bags or big bags.
  • Monitoring of internal quantity by weighing cells and weight display.
  • Pressure control system.
  • Single or multiple extractions.
  • Lump breaker.
  • Double wall insulation with expanded polyurethane and anti-condensation system.
  • Storage capacity from 7 to 100 m3.
  • Available diameters 2,000mm/2,400mm/3,000mm.
  • Load capacity up to 25,000kg/h.
  • Storage of products with an apparent specific weight of up to 1.2kg/ dm3.
  • Compliant with food hygiene regulations (EC regulation 1935/2004).
  • Antistatic internal treatment according to the CEI CLC / TR 50404 Guide.
  • Compliant with Atex Directive 94/9 / EC.
  • Structural accessories in stainless steel or Fe.

silo VT fiberglass

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