Tanks for liquids


Exceptionally hygienic and safe storage of any type of liquid in ideal conditions: temperature, consistency, aseptic, etc.


External or internal storage of bulk liquid raw materials from tankers or in any other form with dedicated loading system. The tanks directly feed production via transfer and dosaging lines.

  • Double wall insulation in rock wool and stainless steel.
  • Double chamber with liquid circulation for thermostatic control (refrigerant or heating).
  • Nitrogen blowing for internal environment inertization.
  • Content control through weighing cells and weight display.
  • Agitators of various sizes and shapes suitable for the materials stored.
  • Internal pressure control.
  • Inline filters.
  • Structural accessories in stainless steel or aluminium.
  • Storage capacity from 5 to 30 m3.
  • Diameters made to measure.
  • Load capacity up to 30,000l/h.
  • Suitable for materials with an apparent specific weight of up to 1.5 kg/dm3.
  • Complies with food hygiene regulations (EC regulation 1935/2004).
  • Construction complies with DIN 1055 standards and UNI ENV 1991-4 Eurocode.
  • Construction material fully recyclable after disposal.