Macro ingredients dosing


  • Accurate and consistent dosages.
  • Lower margin of human error.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Automatic composition of multi-product recipes.


Dosing and electronic control for consistently accurate dosing of solid, powdered or granular solid materials downstream of pneumatic or mechanical conveying systems.

The ingredient is fed by a pneumatic or mechanical transport into the tank, where it and weighed in real-time by a detection system composed of weighing cells and electronic instrumentation.

The system will then follow the recipe set on the PLC controller, dosing the ingredients in the correct pre-set sequence and quantity until it has formed the dosing batch.

For loss in weight versions, the product is dosed by extracting material from the tank via a dispensing unit such as an auger or rotary valve.

The filtering system allows the separation and out-flow of transport air and is configured to run regular cleaning cycles on the sleeves by injecting compressed air (dust removal).

  • Capacity up to 3,000kg.
  • Accuracy up to 50g.
  • Construction according to DIN 1055 standards and UNI ENV 1991-4 Eurocode.