Centrifugal sieve


  • Inline by pressure or vacuum, or static operation.
  • High production capacity with very fine networks (down to 200 microns).
  • Quick opening and removal of sieve without tools for sieving of different materials
  • Snapping action.
  • Removal of foreign bodies with no interruption of production.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Simple installation and reduced dimensions.


Control sieving, selection, removal of foreign bodies, breakdown of lumps, aeration of solid bulk products.

The product, fed by a metering or pneumatic conveying element, is introduced into the tumbler through an auger which regulates the flow towards the sieving chamber.

A rotating shaft creates a centric force that spreads the product around the walls of the cylindric sieve.

The sieved product passes through the mesh and drops into the discharge hopper, which is connected to the pneumatic transport or the reception tank.

Wastage and foreign bodies are trapped by the mesh and transferred to the waste outlet, which can be equipped with a collection tank with a full sensor.

Am an optional automatic valve allows the waste hopper to be disassembled even during operation, with a pneumatic mantle cleaning system and an input magnetic filter.

The upper and optional lateral inspection hatch makes it easy to check inside the sieve.

  • Screening via stainless steel mesh, nylon mesh, or perforated sheet.
  • Can be used with bulk density products up to 1kg/dm3.
  • Flow up to 35 t/h depending on the network and the product.
  • Conforms to Atex Directive 94/9/EC.
  • Change of sieve in 1'