Silos in aluminum alloy


  • Light, hygienic and suitable for food storage.
  • Long lasting, completely recyclable.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Controlled stock management.


External storage of bulk raw materials in powder or granule form for the food and chemical industries.

Suitable for pneumatic loading from a tanker truck or by a dedicated loading system.

  • Storage capacity from 5 to 500 m3.
  • Diameters made to measure.
  • Load capacity up to 3,0000 kg./h.
  • Storage of bulk density products up to 1.2 kg./dm3.
  • Completely hygienic with preservation of raw materials in compliance with food hygiene standards (EC Regulation 1935/2004).
  • Complies with the Atex Directive 94/9/EC.
  • Construction according to DIN 1055 standards and UNI ENV 1991-4 eurocode.

silo aluminium aluminio

  • Pneumatic loading system from tanker trucks, bags or big bags.
  • Monitoring of the internal quantity by weighing cells and weight display.
  • Internal pressure control system.
  • Intrinsically safe package in compliance with the Atex 94/9/EC directive.
  • Single or multiple extraction.
  • Lump breaker.
  • Double wall insulation and dehumidification system.